SysML training

SysML is the most common standard for system architecture and detail system design. Graphical system design is required by several automotive standards including ASPICE / VDA 6.3.

SysML for Automotive software development

Technical or mechanical development is inconceivable without specialised modelling tools. Software is not simpler part of the items and its development requires similar approach. SysML language is de-facto standard for system architecture and modelling that should stay behind any software development.

The SysML language training

We focus on principles of the languages and its usage for system architecture and detail design – two major areas required by standards including ASPICE, Formel Q, CMMI and others.

Training is single-day and always provided for the development team. SysML model is used for system analysis and encapsulate not only software, but primarily the system analysis. Therefor good model understanding is important for many roles in the team – system analysts as well as project managers, HS & SW developers, testers and quality / safety responsible.

The training major topics:

  • Architecture blocks
  • Requirements and traceability
  • Detail design
  • Interface modelling
  • System documentation
  • Versioning and model maintenance

Complete training is based on the automotive-related example but is generally focused on the SysML language not the automotive sector.

The training is built around the SysML model and practically oriented. All examples are presented in the model.

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