Safety Requirements Management

We have experience with the safety requirements analysis and mana­ge­ment. Based on our expe­rien­ce we can manage your docu­mentation or even the processes and reserve ful­fil­ment of the ISO 26262 obliga­tions.

Regardless how easy or complex is your ASIL A–D production or development, you shall manage the requirements:

  • Ensure that all safety require­ments are properly identified, documented and managed
  • Ensure, control and verify processing of all requirements
  • Be prepare to demonstrate your client that all tasks where properly staffed, performed, verified and documented
  • Keep the control of the safety requirements during the whole production time

You do not have to be an expert for the ISO 26262 and still be capable to produce ASIL-classified results thanks to our support.

How we help with the safety require­ments mana­gement

  • Complete documentation
  • Check the correctness of the description
  • Observe that all necessary analysis has been performed
  • Verify the requisite tasks
  • Keep the requirement trace­ability with the appropriate docu­menta­tion and control that all require­ments are processed

Why we are capable

With the more than 20 years in the system development including safety-critical solutions we know how the trace­ability mainte­nance and verification of all steps is impor­tant for and overall system quality.

With many years of the expe­rience with ISO stan­dards including the certi­fication expe­rience we’ve built know-how and practice in the control system mainte­nance and develop­ment.

Support for your Czech or Slovak suppliers

Are you looking for a coopera­tion with suppliers in the Czech or Slovak Republic but have a doubt about their process and quality maintenance? We help you with the audit services or direct support of the shared project with the control of the supplier management standards

Support for a new subsidiary in the Czech Republic

If you are on the way to start up a new business in the Czech Republic we support your project with the local-based services that are invaluable for trouble free start:

  • Build up processes with the quality and standards in mind
  • Build up set of internal trainings including e-Learning trainings for new workers
  • Develop internal communication standards
  • Build up the management skills for new staff