Manage Project with ISO 26262 or ASPICE

Management of the project that shall observes quality standards is a very complex task. Except when you have a right tool in hand.

The right tool for the project management with standards Automotive SPICE or ISO 26262 in the back is the AyMINE Business for Automotive.

Why AyMINE is a right tool

AyMINE supports all processes, task control, records and data management that is required by standards ASPICE and ISO. More about the process and project management support is here.

More than project management

AyMINE manages more than just project-management data. Standards are not only process-concerned and AyMINE also support everything necessary for the proper development and long them data management.

  • Project data
  • Qualification and competencies
  • Team structure
  • Product management including complete product documentation
  • Decisions, obligations and meetings
  • Discussions and review data
  • Everyday business agenda

Starting project is easy and cost effective

You can start tomorrow. AyMINE is ready to use and available everywhere. Our 24x7 cloud service allows you start project immediately. If you have 5 or 500 workers on the project in single office or 5 continents.

You don’t need any investment. Everything is running on our servers. You pay only for your people – as much as a single lunch per month. For 8€ per month per user you get ready-to-go system.

Note: The cost is without taxes that might be calculated by your local government.

Project data are in secured

AyMINE supports End-to-end client station encryption. You can protect secure information that no one except who has key from you can access. Neither colleague nor the database administrator. AES encryption protect all sensitive data in vaults.

The servers are located in Europe or US. All user data are managed according to the GDPR (EU) law and business data are inaccessible outside your team. Our staff is EU-located and we have active cooperation with European car-makers. We know exactly what is important for them.

AyMINE and project is supported

Our team has deep knowledge of the automotive standards. You can ask whatever you want.

If you need, we can support your processes as you need. Make and assessment, provide a review. Give and advice as well as direct support.

AyMINE is documented

AyMINE has strong documentation that describes not only the system but also the standards requirements. You gets navigation, support and information that support even persons that don’t know anything about the standards.