Automotive SPICE trainings

Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) is must-to-have training for any team developing software for automotive sector. We provide 2 days training of the standard for project teams.

Why is ASPICE so important

Whilst ISO 26262 provide safety goals and is focused on safety-related items, ASPICE is specifically focuses on the software development. On the other hand it is more general and is important for any software development regardless it is directly involved in the software-related items or not.

ASPICE (VDA 6.3) is required by all auto makers and should be fulfilled by any software team.

Knowledge of the standard is necessary for all members of the development team. The training is provided for teams and don’t expect any standards-related knowledge.

The ASPICE training topics

  • The standard philosophy
  • Development V-model in practice
  • System analysis
  • Software analysis, design and development
  • All levels of testing
  • Project management of the software development
  • Document-related processes and quality goals

We are experts

PDQM has more than 30 years of experience with software development including safety-critical software. We understand the software processes in detail and can provide in-depth-view how to manage processes effectively.

We have also experience about the car makers’ requirements and can manage an assessment of your processes.