ISO 26262 training

We propose a set of trainings for several types of roles. They could be used together to propagate the knowledge of the ISO 26262 or IATF standard to the whole company

1 day ISO 26262 introduction

The training is intended as a introduction that explains principles of the ISO 26262 standard. It is intended for the management and people involved in the processes that should observe the standard requirements:

  • Item developers
  • FMEA responsible
  • Quality mangers
  • General project and production managers

The training

  • Introduces all parts of the standard
  • Explains the approach to the quality
  • Explains major documents that should describe safety concept, approach to the safety requirements as well as the item
  • Explains the personal responsibility of the project or safety manager and other roles involved in the safety requirements development

2 days trainings

More complex training is intended for people responsible for the development and production process definition and management. Particularly:

  • Quality manager responsible for the management system
  • ASIL classified element production manager
  • ASIL classified item or element development manager

The training elaborates in details those parts of the ISO 26262 standard that relates with area of responsibility of the attendees:

  • System development
  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • Production

The second day of the training is intended for the appropriate section of the ISO 26262 standard. Thus, two day training is ideal for people responsible for particular part of the process. The first day could be visited by a broader audience as described in the 1-day training description

Automotive team developing the whole items (both hardware and software) or managing both the development and production should get special single day section for each area.

2 days training with a 1 day workshop

The ISO training develops knowledge of the standard but when a team starts the implementation project they also need practice how to change the processes and define new working standards. The workshop helps to start the improvement project:

  • GAP analysis that describes what areas are the most important
  • Define team and roles for the improvement project
  • Define project goals, phases and first steps.

The training availability

Trainings are available in the Czech language.

The workshop can be performed in the Czech or English language. We offer all trainings and services iin the Czech or Slovak Republic.