Safety manager in the ISO 26262 project

Regardless how good know­ledge of the ISO 26262 you have, you can start the project of the ASIL A–D item deve­lop­ment. We support your processes and train you to manage all tasks and docu­menta­tion appro­priately on-the-fly.

Your teams should have good technical expe­rience and skills to build up an item and we can managed control and records for you. You’ll concern to the engi­neering tasks and we’ll manage the pro­cesses and ensure, that the team does not forget anything important*:

  • Develop safety concept
  • Provide Hazard and safety analysis
  • Set up safety requirements
  • Make the FMEA or FTA analysis for the design, solution, operation and pro­duction
  • Define Technical safety requirements and manage the safety requirements traceability
  • Set up the supplier’s conditions
  • Verify all tasks, commu­nication and docu­mentation

*) We develop the plan appro­priate for your task. Not all menti­oned steps should be neces­sary if you do not develop the whole system but only a part of it.

External Project manager

Even in case that you miss a skilled project manager, you can trust to our services. We provide the external project mana­gement and combine the safe­ty and project manager role.

As a project manager we:

  • Develop and process the project mana­gement plan
  • Develop quality control system
  • We observe your internal control system or develop the control system for the project and the pro­duction.
  • We build up audit and veri­fication proce­dures to fulfil the ISO 9001 / CMMI, ISO 26262 obliga­tions. (ISO 26262 should be used in combi­nation with a general quality mana­gement system).

During the project, the mana­gement system will maintain the project tasks and guide the staff. You’ll learn up the proces­ses and take control over all tasks. Finally you’ll take control over the whole mana­gement system.