Change your processes and operation to be ISO 26262 compliant

We help companies with the ISO 26262 compliance by the process development, education and the task support.

If you have a supplier from the Czech or Slovak Republic, we can help improving their processes that you might rely on their capabilities with your ASIL A – D production.

ISO 26262 defines many requirements that a team should fulfil both during the item / element development as well as in the production. We have experience and knowledge that helps you with all changes necessary to become a respectful automotive partner that perform development or production of the ASIL A – D elements with full respect to the ISO 26262 and IATF 16949 standard.

What shall be observed

  • Develop safety management system
  • Manage the development and production to keep all safety requirements in mind
  • Communicate the requirements, design as well as potential issues with the client
  • Properly verify and review all safety-related tasks
  • Maintain the suppliers
  • Observe the production reliability

How to become ISO 26262 compliant

You should have professional in the development or production. The ISO 26262 standards brings new skills it he process areas:

  • Set up tasks management rules
  • Set up rules of the safety requirements analysis, management and documentation
  • Develop system of reviews and controls that verifies all safety-related tasks
  • Set up documentation rules that keep records about the activates

Other parts of the standard change the approach to the technologies used for the items and their production:

  • Verify and “proof” reliability of the item
  • Use the proven technologies both in the item as well as in production.
  • If new technologies are used, “proof” their reliability
  • Develop safety items that are faultless and have safety modes in case that the principal function fails

With our support you can implement all changes to your processes.